3-Year Audiosteps Warranty

Your purchases at Audiosteps are covered by our 3-year warranty. Thereby we extend the legal warranty period of the manufacturer (usually 12 months) to 36 months at our expense.

As a distributor, importer and authorized dealer of reputable brands, we are convinced of the quality of the products we offer for sale. Products that do not meet our quality standards, we do not even include in our range.


Wear and tear materials such as strings, drumsticks, batteries/rechargeable batteries, tubes (also in devices), pots and crossfaders are of course excluded. Likewise furniture. Signs of wear and tear on instruments and devices are only covered if they have occurred despite appropriate care or due to demonstrably defective workmanship. Cables are also excluded from the 3 year warranty. However, our cable manufacturer Van Damme offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on many of their products.

More information about the exclusions can be found in our terms and conditions.

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