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Audiosteps Community public beta launch (Q3 2021)

Launch Audiosteps Community platform from closed beta to public. Until then, we are still working on fixes, performances and improvements.

Audiosteps Commerce (Q3 2021)

Launch a Audiosteps E-Commerce Shop. 

iOS & Android App

We work on making Audiosteps available as a native app for iOS and Android in the App Store and Play Store. We’re almost done with development. As soon as a certain threshold of activity and number of members is exceeded, we will enroll the release.

Direct Messenger Live Loading (Q3 2021)

We want our Messenger to update in real time, similar to iMessage and WhatsApp. This will make our messenger much more responsive, and will allow us to extend it later on with a live chat box on the site that is in sync with the messenger.

English Version (Q4 2021)

We will launch a english language version of Audiosteps App. All language versions will work together.



We plan to add support for #hashtags in the activity feed, allowing member to create their own hashtags and use them in posts to create trending activity.

Order activity

Currently, activity feeds are ordered by most recent. As new posts are created, older posts are pushed further down.

With this new feature, you’ll be able to order your activity feeds by a number of different options.

  • Trending posts in recent period
  • Posts with most Comments
  • Posts with most Likes

With these options, posts will be bumped higher up in the feeds, the more engagement they receive.

Live loading comments and likes

Once enabled, new likes and comments added to activity posts, they will load in real-time without requiring to refresh the page.

Edit comments

We plan to add the ability for members to edit their own activity comments.

Likes and Media for comments 

We plan to extend the Likes and media uploading functionality available in activity feeds.

Share posts

We plan a share feature for activity posts. So members can share the posts from other members and their profile.


We plan to extend the “Likes” functionality in the activity feed to include reactions, allowing users to select emojis such as Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry, etc.

Zoom integration

We plan to integrate Zoom for Workshops and Live Events in groups. Further users can create own event sessions for discussions like clubhouse. 

Social Login

We plan a social login option für the Audiosteps Login page as a optional feature.. If you logged in with Facebook, Apple or Google account in your web browser or smartphone, you will be automatically logged in on Audiosteps.

Link Name vs Display Name

We plan a feature which will allow you to change the member identifier used in member profiles. So you can set different names for profile url and display name.


We want to add the ability to publish polls into activity feeds, for other members to vote on and then view the results.

Company Profiles

Profiles for companies like studios and manufacturers. 

Groups Update

We plan to extend the groups with threads. It will be sync with the group feed and will be help find discussions to a specific topic.


Focus on your Post Content (07/21)

We redesign member and group posts for better focus on the post content. We think it’s very clean now. With new functions that will be added later, this should stay that way and even get better. 

Upload MP3 (07/21)

Post MP3 Audio in groups.

iPad support (07/21)

Audiosteps platform is working now on Apple iPad devices.

Upload Videos (07/21)

Post videos in groups.

In-App Notifications (07/21)

In-App Live Notifications for activities.

Audiosteps Community closed beta launch (07/21)

Launch of Audiosteps Community beta platform.